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Bio-Gadgets are the technological step of complementing human biological abilities with wearable and implanted gadgets.


Zapping your brain, 

Supercharging your mind,

Or, wearing the magical thinking cap! 

You might have heard about that tech trend before, asking yourself if it is another commercial myth or the real mind booster. If there is a way for people to biohack their brains for superior abilities, unlocking normal thinking and cognitive abilities chains. 


In this article, we shed light on blue light, its origin, and definition. We learn what science says about its danger and how we can naturally, or by the help of technological gadgets, protect ourselves from the harmful impacts of blue light.

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Smartwatches, likewise any other gear, if you do not know exactly what it can offer you, it is a waste of time and money.

In this article, I investigated smartwatches’ usages, trying to find out their real health benefits. Beyond the cloud of connectivity functions, I tried to find actual use cases in features that can help monitor and biohack a healthy lifestyle.

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