Live Longer Healthier Happier



“A long life is a life well spent”

– Leonardo da Vinci

The Neohuman Code

Reversing Aging


New humans see aging as just a disease they can control, heal, and even reverse in a longer healthier life. 

Enabling Superhuman


Our present abilities are no more sufficient or gratifying. We are on continuous endeavor to upgrade and boost our common competences to a superhuman-like levels.



Bio-Gadgets are the technological step of complementing human biological abilities with wearable and implanted gadgets

Biohacking Life


We have learned a lot about our bodies' psychology and physiological nature. As new humans, we explore better ways of eating, sleeping, working and living a healthier and happier life.


Al Feky, M.Sc.

A science writer with over a decade of business experience in marketing, passionately investigating, and writing about biohacking and the biotech industry.

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